Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Mundra Port for Up; while NTPC & Siemens in action.

TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Mundra Port for Up; while NTPC & Siemens in action.
TCS: T1-543, T2-563, T3-591; SL- 495
Infosys: T1-1279, T2-1329, T3-1356; SL-1190
Wipro: T1-257, T2-273, T3-302; SL-228
IT SEZ to get 100% waiver, TCS, Wipro, Infosys to benefit.
TCS bags some of Satyam’s world bank project.

Mundra Port: T1- 375, T2-396, T3-420; SL-330
Mundra Port signs MoU with Gujarat government, to expand facilities with investment of Rs 15,000 crore.

NTPC: R1- 171, R2-174, R3-177; S1-165, S2-162, S3-159
NTPC board approves investment of Rs 6,037 crore for various projects

Siemens: R1-219, R2-230, R3-249; S1-200, S2-189, S3-175
Siemens India transfers Siemens Info Systems to Siemens AG Arm for Rs 449 crore

Stock in News:
Results today: HDFC Bank, NIIT Tech, Supreme Industries, SBI Home Finance, Gruh Finance, GTL Infra, Honda Siel Power.

Motilal Oswal Q3
-Total Revenues at Rs 96.2 crore, down 30% (QoQ), down 59% (YoY)
-OPM at 36.7% vs 39.6% (QoQ) & 37.47% (YoY)
-Net Profit down at Rs 20.4 crore, down 25% (QoQ), down 62% (YoY)

Geojit Financial Q3 (QoQ)
-Net Sales at Rs 39.4 cr vs Rs 47.7 cr
-Other Income at Rs 5.18 cr vs Rs 2.92 cr
-Operating Loss of Rs 1.7 cr vs profit of Rs 10.2 cr
-Net profit at Rs 38.6 cr vs Rs 5.22 cr
-Extraordinary Item Rs 40 cr vs Rs 35 lakh
((Extraordinary income: amount received on discontinuation of commodity business))
((Provided for loss of Rs 3.7 cr of JV in Saudi Arabia))

CMC Q3 Consolidated
-Net Sales: Rs 216.36 crore (cr) vs Rs 294.2 cr
-Operating Profit: Rs 36 cr vs Rs 31.5 cr
-Net Profit: Rs 27 cr vs Rs 21.9 cr


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