Wednesday, February 4, 2009

RPL, Satyam, Eicher Motors, Balrampur Chini, Micro Inks in Action.

RPL: R1-85, R2-87, R3-89.4; S1-80.6, S2-78.3, S3-76.2

Chevron may exit RPL by selling its 5% stake

Satyam: R1-59.6, R2-65.5, R3-70; S1-49.3, S2-44.8, S3-38.9

Highest bid may be benchmark for Satyam open offer price by SEBI.

Eicher Motors: R1-240, R2-254, R3-268; S1-225, S2-211, S3-196

Eicher Motors buy back at Rs 691.8/sh (Very Imp, it’s at fixed price of Rs 691.8, CMP Rs 226. This is the same price at with 8.1% stake was sold to Volvo, buy back opens on March 12, closes on March 26)

Balrampur Chini:R1-62.3, R2-63.6, R3-65; S1-59.5, S2-58, S3-26

Balrampur Chini hauled for fudging accounts (Ministry of Com affairs has begun prosecuting director of co)

Micro Inks: R1-103, R2-105, R3-106; S1-100, S2-98, S3-96.9

Huber group pledges its entire 70.5% stake in Mirco inks


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